Welcome to SerendipityIdeas

Discovery by accident.

Look at our News for whats happening and review other pages for more details.

I hold the maxim that when it comes to real estate its “Location, location, location” but on the internet it is “Content, content and more fresh content”.

Question: So why would your bother visiting this site or perhaps a smarter way is to subscribe to its RSS feed ? (more methods soon)

Answer:   Because I am experienced IT specialist who enjoys empowering others to get the best of computer and the Internet. I promote sustainability at every turn and are building a wide range of services to build communities. In addition to this I am a open minded rational person who has an interest in promoting rational thought and expression. I intend to make this site more than worth while.

You may also visit here as a result of discussion with me personally and I have directed you here for more information or a link to my internet sites.

Regards Anthony

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