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Science notes

Science is one of my favorite subjects, given it satisfies my insatiable curiosity.

Perhaps it is the way my parents fostered an interest in knowledge and reason, or perhaps it is because of the many experiences of finding extreme beauty in science, I am not sure. Rationally we must accept that it is thru science that humanity, is as it is to day, and once applied through Technology, has created wonderful things (if not some negative outcomes). this includes the ability for me to write this, and for you to find it. Many of us have avoided a great deal of suffering and extended lifetimes due to science.

Perhaps it is my belief that each of us is in a position to uniquely contribute to the “human endeavor” and all the life we share this earth with, that drives my interest.

Or perhaps is my belief that, complex problems are just bigger versions of the simple problems, that I dare to think I may be able to solve some “wicked problems”, and thus have set myself on a course to understand as much as I can, about everything that interests me and much more.

In part to make notes to myself, and since I have renewed my subscription to New Scientist, I plan to make regular posts on things I have found interesting. Most often what interests to me is knowledge, new to me, or science, which indicates existing axioms have cracks in them or whole new paradigms are required.

Let me know if you like the idea or appreciate what you learn and that will ensure my personal notes become online notes.