Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

This is the best poetic representation I have ever seen that illustrates my lifetime career in Information technology. As an “expert” more often than not we have to deal with the the lack of understanding of our customers. It is not as simple as them not understanding our specialty but often it is they do not understand their own field. Now this could be very difficult to demonstrate to the non expert but this great and funny clip replaces the requirements with plain English so that non experts can hear how it sounds to the expert. The customer is asking for something that expert knows is not possible but pragmatic business people, you know often the ones that say they use their gut instinct, insist the expert deliver something which is impossible. If you have an expert, engineers, specialist or even medical person in your life listen to this video all the way through and you will be better able to empathize with there view point.