Monthly Archives: June 2016

People, Systems and Things Launched – for Serendipity Ideas and LinkedIn

In the last few days I have launched my new business People, Systems and Things. An IT Services and sustainability consulting business. I have lots of services well documented on the website at and maintain a dedicated Facebook page.

This Post is about the content you can enjoy, this blog and my content publishing.

Key services include;

  • Freelance, Consulting IT Manager service
  • Website design Hosting and B2B Services
  • Fixed Price services
  • A Range of Products and Services tailored to different sectors such as
    • Large Corporate and Enterprise
    • Small to Medium Enterprise
    • Individuals and coaching

In time we will introduce more products and services, including;

  • Click to request a service
  • The Sustainable Systems Method
  • A Blog focused on the Internet of Things IoT

What about this SerendipityIdeas blog?

SerendipityIdeas will continue and in fact may receive more attention now I am perfecting the development of content and publishing. New content in this blog will include personal reviews of Podcasts I enjoy, including commentary on specific episodes I find stimulating. I also expect to post on Critical thinking, Systems Theory and Design thinking from time to time.

What about LinkedIn?

Many SerendipityIdeas posts will also be posted to LinkedIn as long as they are suitable to what I perceive to be my linkedIn networks interests.

Selected People, systems and Things posts will also be posted on LinkedIn with a greater emphasis on Business, Sustainability and Professional Services than those that appear on the facebook page.

I do hope my LinkedIn network will consider my professional services and provide feedback and constructive criticism. I hope to use the opportunity before me to try out new and Innovative ways to do business.