Task Management

Task management is very important in today’s world and I think I have got it under control. I have tackeled it in a number of ways and have distinct tools for distinct purposes.


I have a Custom TiddlyWiki and have built this up over a number of years. The power and customisation of my own tool is fantastic because it has been built for me by me. More on that some other time.


ToodleDo is my primary task management tool. It has a powerful browser interface and works well on my Tablet computer and the Apple iOS application is good as well.

I have a paid subscription but am not yet using the Pro Plus Subscription. I am also not using any of the Task Sharing tools as I do not know anyone with the Pro Subscription I have.

ToodleDo is now in Facebook

Cloud Services

ToodleDo and TiddlyWiki (Sitting in DropBox) are in fact Internet based (yet also exist on the devices I use) and could be considered cloud based, however there are numerous other solutions I use or are considering especially for Projects and Shared work. I will let you know more as these develop.


Highly Customisable as it is I also use a Private WordPress site (Self Hosted) and an event log and diary. More on that later.

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