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When there is more than one source of truth, and they differ, there is no truth.

It is critical that we make it clear where we can find the latest version, the approved version otherwise if there are more than once source of information and they differ or we cant tell them apart we do not know the truth.

We used to put files into a folder, now we put folder names “metadata” into the file details

One of “Tonys Conceptual Leaps” on organising documents, such as in SharePoint.

Is it time to attack the man not just his ideas ?

In light of The Abbott government’s chief business adviser Maurice Newman’s latest contribution to the national debate urges us to prepare for global cooling. Global warming has supposedly paused for the past 18 years and Newman’s preferred scientific advisers believe we are now entering a long-term cooling phase. His argument neatly highlights a fundamental failure in our national governance.

All the evidence indicates that the world is warming far faster than previously expected, the major cause almost certainly being human carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Warming has not paused for the last 18 years

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If an individual with a little research and some concern can see quite clearly how these political Government Appointees know nothing about climate change and are fools, Then what about their so called areas of expertise ? Can we even believe them on business, the economy, employment, productivity and profits when they demonstrate such ignorance in other areas of understanding ? Perhaps they are just total frauds, because surely they would never speak so firmly and confidently about what they do not know ?, Or could it be that they speak firmly about everything, when they know nothing? Anyone sufficiently well informed will reject their false claims, but not everyone is well informed,

Let us not just show how easy it is to debunk their climate claims, but I suggest its time to look more closely at their claims in their areas of expertise, because I find it hard to imagine such incompetence, ignorance, delusions or potentially corruption is not demonstrable in the rest of their public pronouncements. 

I do not naturally “Attack the Man” and prefer to challenge their ideas, but if they wish to claim authority and power and talk out of there expertise let us shine a light on the men who would influence us.