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Everyone Connected Grants Program upto $10,000 for youth

Celebrating 10 years of the Telstra Foundation

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Telstra Foundation is donating $1 million to help Australian children and young people make the most of modern communication technologies.One hundred $10,000 Everyone Connected grants are available to local community organisations to support activities that help enhance digital inclusion – connecting disadvantaged children and young people to the internet, building their online skills and promoting cyber safety.

We know that some groups in our communities are less likely to have access to modern communications technologies and the social and economic benefits they bring.Our Everyone Connected grants will support activities that enhance these opportunities and help children and young people reach their potential, regardless of income, ability, location or disadvantage.

As a Telstra employee, I can apply for an Everyone ConnectedGrant on behalf of a non-profit community organisation. We will need to have the organisation and project or activity details on hand to complete the online application form.If you are a non-profit community organisation with a great idea for an Everyone Connected activity, you can apply for a grant. You just need to complete an online application form and find a Telstra employee (Consider me) to endorse your project or activity.

For more information, go to Telstra Foundation Everyone Connected Grants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).You can also view our Everyone Connected case studiesto see some examples of digital inclusion in action.Applications for the one-off Telstra Foundation Everyone Connected Grants are open from Tuesday 29 May 2012 and will close on Monday 30 July 2012, with announcements made in mid September 2012.

Oh, and if you can combine this with something oriented to sustainability (but not necessary) I would be very happy.

I have updated my In Flight Projects list and more

at I have updated my In Flight Projects list, Integrated the site with linked in and face book. This post should be the first propagated and reviewed for effectiveness.




About.Me/yourname be Quick

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I and Isabelle have just registered for the AOL Backed page, I got Anthony and Isabelle using our first name only.

See here

I suspect this service is fairly new and that is the only reason we secured our first name accounts.

There are plenty of features to link to all your internet presence networks and sites, but otherwise it is a good example of the KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) principal.

Warning: I do ask you to sign up with due consideration to the potential power you are granting this service and the insights it seems to glean from connections you may grant. No responsibility taken on my part. Perhaps just put links in your profile description before you add the services.

  • I have gone on to create a matching email account  (tip – image used to thwart email address harvesting from this webpage). is provided through a AOL webmail account.
  • So as not to loose track of email addresses and make life anymore difficult I have configured my Gmail Account to collect email from this account using POP3 and configured it to send email as – this means I need not login to this new email account at all, however I will visit it occasionally (Scheduled once a month) so they get to deliver some adds to me and I can see if any of the email accounts features have additional uses.

Why have I sown any interest in this service and email account when I can get my own email address from a number of a domains I own ? – Because once I have let a little time pass and the service seems reliable, I can use this short address on business cards and over the phone to quickly and clearly tell someone how to find me on the Internet. You try spelling my surname “Muscio” over the phone or getting people to visit

Communication, Values and Frames

I just want it known that I am working with an intelligent bunch of people keen to develop a better understanding of Communication, Values and Frames informed by psychology just as the world leading marketing firms do to sell stuff, as well as the vested interests trying to run misinformation campaigns against climate action.

The Common Cause report has given us a heads up on how communication interacts with our values and frames. This is based on decades of research in cognitive science and psychology. The report suggests that much climate and environmental communication has been having an unintended effect.  Values and frames which pull people away from engaging with solutions are being brought to the fore. This, in part, explains why campaign communication is not having the desired shift to sustainability outcomes that we are looking for.

Tom – the convener says

This study group is an initial effort to come to grips with the knowledge about values and frames, consider the ethics of communication, explore the big picture of how this knowledge is currently being used and devise a way to put the knowledge into action.

With a strong desire to apply ethics to such communication the team seems to me to be likely to produce valuable results. I will keep you informed.

Our needs expand to fill the resources available

It seems to be true that “Our needs expand to fill the resources available”, it is certainly true of the extra study space I was recently given, it now has me junk all over it.

Parkinson’s law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Parkinson’s law is the adage first articulated by Cyril Northcote Parkinson as part of the first sentence of a humorous essay published in The Economist in 1955: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. It was later reprinted together with other essays in the book Parkinson’s Law: The Pursuit of Progress (London, John Murray, 1958).

I suppose the contrary that we leave resources we could use, unused, may also be wasteful. One thing it does is draw to our attention the normal human flexibilities that we ignore at our peril. This includes our Environmental resources. Lets not expand to fill the earths resources (if we have not already).

A great link between history and modern “Icons”

The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don’t make sense anymore – Scott Hans…The Floppy Disk Icon means “save” for a whole generation of people who have never seen one. – Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) May 9, 2012 What happens when all the things we based are icons on don’t exist anymore? Do they just become, ahem, iconic glyphs whose origins are shrouded in mystery?

More added under the resources menu

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