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Conceptual Model of sustainability

I am working on a “Conceptual Model of sustainability”. I am trying to build a simple yet all encompassing frame work that rather than Keep-it-Simple is Make-it-simple such that it can be applied to all the components of a system and system as a whole. Yes I do believe this is possible (but true – it is yet to be tested). Such a model can be applied to Ecological, social and economic systems. This permits people of very different knowledge and perspective to participate in transforming organisations to more sustainable ones.

I am happy to receive suggestions and references to others, that may have done similar things so feel free to comment.

The model should have the following qualities

  • Indicate existing non sustainable processes
  • Indicate how to transition to sustainable processes
  • Be scalabel
  • Allow black box modular structure
  • Include Reuse, recycle, life cycles wanted and unwanted outputs (waste)
  • Show how to integrate with other systems to achieve sustainable meta-systems
  • Encapsulate diversity resilience
  • Capture and control incident inputs and outputs such as sun and rain
  • Indicate the foundations on which the system stands and its dependance on these foundations
  • Easy to  communicate by telling a short story and building a framework or model that is easy to remember.

Please join my quest

Embracing the consumer IT revolution at work

I recommend the article below both for businesses and personal understanding of how the the consumer IT revolution is changing the way we do work.

For many years now I have made my own decisions to support my work, using phones to capture white boards, a tablet to avoid printing and take a document to a meeting and managing work tasks on a mobile device.

Embracing the consumer IT revolution at work

Everyone Connected Grants Program upto $10,000 for youth

Celebrating 10 years of the Telstra Foundation

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Telstra Foundation is donating $1 million to help Australian children and young people make the most of modern communication technologies.One hundred $10,000 Everyone Connected grants are available to local community organisations to support activities that help enhance digital inclusion – connecting disadvantaged children and young people to the internet, building their online skills and promoting cyber safety.

We know that some groups in our communities are less likely to have access to modern communications technologies and the social and economic benefits they bring.Our Everyone Connected grants will support activities that enhance these opportunities and help children and young people reach their potential, regardless of income, ability, location or disadvantage.

As a Telstra employee, I can apply for an Everyone ConnectedGrant on behalf of a non-profit community organisation. We will need to have the organisation and project or activity details on hand to complete the online application form.If you are a non-profit community organisation with a great idea for an Everyone Connected activity, you can apply for a grant. You just need to complete an online application form and find a Telstra employee (Consider me) to endorse your project or activity.

For more information, go to Telstra Foundation Everyone Connected Grants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).You can also view our Everyone Connected case studiesto see some examples of digital inclusion in action.Applications for the one-off Telstra Foundation Everyone Connected Grants are open from Tuesday 29 May 2012 and will close on Monday 30 July 2012, with announcements made in mid September 2012.

Oh, and if you can combine this with something oriented to sustainability (but not necessary) I would be very happy.