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Why I have little time for the belief in UFO’s

There seems to me to be a simple internal inconsistency in saying “I believe in UFOs” because if you expand that it reads “I believe in unidentified flying objects” because it is believing in something you don’t understand. What they really mean is I believe aliens or spaceships are present in earths atmosphere/ near space but they would not say it because it quickly looks stupid. I also believe there are things I can’t identify, sometime it lasts seconds before I identify it and in a few rare cases I still have not identified it – however until I identify it I can’t believe anything about it let alone pronounce facts about it. The UFO fraternity relies on two other structures to keep there “dreams” alive 1. Conspiracy theories 2. You cant prove (or in this case disprove a negative). As usual for Woo Woo it usually fails basic tenants of critical thinking. Just like other alternative medicine, evidence of UFO beliefs must immediately be put to the side pending further evidence because by nature they a prepositions that can not be tested using “Blind” or “Double Blind” research as by definition they require an observer primed to categorize it as a effective/observed. We can’t not easily if at all test the Null case.

Public apathy: how to engage the masses for resource management solutions for the future

I have participated in a LinkedIn Conversation “Public apathy: how to engage the masses for resource management solutions for the future” which I believe is full of very good contributions.

With in excess of 131 comments there is some very valuable ideas and information not to mention principals that have been highlighted. Why not join the conversation ?