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A Trial to move to a new computer ?

Migrating from my older home computer to a new one today. I have found some surprising discoveries and ways to ease this burden.

I am moving from An Intel Core 2 (2.Ghz) 4GB Windows7 (64bit) to a Intel Core i7 3rd Gen (Quad core) @ 2.30 GHz 8Gb Windows7 (64bit). I expect some improvement, and since the old one was not released with Windows7 64bit I have a number of devices not working – the fingerprint reader, built-in audio etc..

I have been putting it off, given the degree to which I use my computer, all the software and my dependance on it.

Actually it is not so bad because I have adopted various strategies to use both my home and work computers and found some new quality tools to help in the migration.

I thought I would share them and it may help some of you out.

  • After getting the new computer up-to-date I have installed the DropBox Client, with the LAN option active I have 2GB of critical use files automatically synced.
  • After installing TeamViewer and setting the (Hidden) LAN option I am now remote controlling the new computer and using the original computers KeyBoard and Mouse to do everything on both computers.
  • Then I used the FileTransfer features of TeamViewer to copy across my FireFox Portable folder (see  and it carried everything in FireFox over. A real advantage of using portable apps.

I will post more tips as I progress but now for a steak at the Local Pub.

Embracing the consumer IT revolution at work

I recommend the article below both for businesses and personal understanding of how the the consumer IT revolution is changing the way we do work.

For many years now I have made my own decisions to support my work, using phones to capture white boards, a tablet to avoid printing and take a document to a meeting and managing work tasks on a mobile device.

Embracing the consumer IT revolution at work