Personal Automation Tools

Smartphone and Tablet computers have a lot of technology in them and in fact can tell where you are, what network you connected to, the time of day and much much more.

I am endeavouring to identify opportunities to simplify my life to reverse the complexity of using these devices buy using automation principles to work for me. An Example would be my regular habit of turning the wifi or Bluetooth settings on or off. My main objective is to make my life simpler given the complexity is always increasing.


If we stand back and look at what we may automate we discover that triggering an automated process is desirable lest we build more complexity into out lives. Imagine at every step of your life trying to identify and start an automated process, it may very well be counter productive. So first I am looking at triggers.

Triggers may need to occur at a particular time of day, after or during some kind of activity or in different places. Some places move such as the location of your car but others such as home stay the same. Other items are common but when and where may vary such as a meal and some triggers could be time sensitive, if X happens between the hours of 6pm and 8pm.


On the whole automation needs to be dependable and tolerant of change and allow you to set and forget something because when we can depend on something we can forget it until it reminds us. We can forget the details and concern ourselves only with the Gist of it all, when we know we can detect an event and set an action then we can bundle all that may be required or even add a one off. Dependability can also be related to the order of events such as having bluetooth on before you arrive somewhere where blue tooth is used and a connection will be automatic. We also know that we have constraints, sure you could always have bluetooth always on, but it may thus use power all day for a only a half an hour use.

Of course with further development this can go a lot further and I will go there, one step at a time.

About Tony

Living and working in Sydney Australia I also share a property with my partner in the NSW Southern Table Lands near Braidwood. At the property I am developing a range of projects and services to promote sustainable practices and provide retreats as diverse as sustainable building, Bush regeneration, Art and Photography. Our little bit of Australia is the inspiration for products from

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