Free will – a Lay Philosophers view

Tuesday, September 4 Tony Muscio will discuss Free will.

 The concept of free will underlies much of what we think about ourselves and what we attribute to others and their motivations. Free will is fundamental to our system of justice. Yet many circumstances arise when it is hard to be sure we really are free to choose. Cases such as “Not guilty by reason of insanity”, or the defense “I was ordered to do it” bring this concept into question. Even the rationalist or scientific view points raise issues such as whether the universe is deterministic or indeterminate, does the uncertainty in quantum theory make free will irrelevant ?

Common sense often tells us we have free will but analysis quickly brings this assertion into doubt.

Classical philosophy has often taken for granted the existence of God when considering free will. If an individual has the power to seek redemption surely free will must exist. Is this a supporting argument or a red herring ?

Tony will present a set of ideas and tools to use when considering these and related questions, with reference to the major schools of thought on free will. He will also present some ideas drawn from Information Theory, Cosmology, Complexity (Chaos) theory and science and offer a view point for you to consider or criticize.

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