The creative act of registering domain names

This week I registered some new Internet domain names. I love this playing with language and imagination to find helpful and attractive domain names. Using the reseller account I have with VentraIP, a great hosting service. I can register addresses at a competitive price and manage them all from a single interface.

So what did I register this week ? for – Internet domain addresses are not case sensitive (though the folders below them are) so you can always use capitalisation to make them more readable.

I registered for some teams I plan to provide collaboration tools for, a natural complement to the personal services address for individuals at (registered previously).

In previouse months I registered to support local action to promote “Big Solar in Australia”, this was done in  hurry for someone else and it shows in the domain name. So rather than stay with that we registered and have both addresses going to the same self hosted WordPress site, a quick reconfig and now all the posts and pages at this site now refer to but the longer address still works.

I often tie these domains to a google apps account, to provide the best email solution in the market. Another thing I discovered was someone else was leveraging Google Apps to build a local website. Having registered my local suburb name they were offering free gmail accounts. I have thus signed up for tony at in case I want a local email address. This is quite simple and allows me to forward any mail sent to this new address to my regular gmail account, even better with a little more work I can now send email as this new address right from the inbox of my gmail account. Have a look for your own suburb name and see whats happening. Or consider registering your own domain – I can help you with this so don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope I have added some value



About Tony

Living and working in Sydney Australia I also share a property with my partner in the NSW Southern Table Lands near Braidwood. At the property I am developing a range of projects and services to promote sustainable practices and provide retreats as diverse as sustainable building, Bush regeneration, Art and Photography. Our little bit of Australia is the inspiration for products from

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